Nutriplant AG

NUTRIPLANT AG is a foliar-applied, liquid, micronutrient supplemental fertilizer. It must be used in conjunction with a normal NPK fertilizer program.

NUTRIPLANT AG is designed to be applied at specific growth stages in crop development. These critical growth stages are fundamental in determining ultimate crop yield. At these stages the demand for nutrients—and the chemicals plants develop to process them—are often deficient.

Giving Plants Exactly What They Need ... When they Need It

NUTRIPLANT AG is designed to give the plant what it needs at these critical growth stages so it can take up and utilize the nutrients it needs. Nutriplant AG can be applied using conventional ground spraying equipment, or by aerial application. It can be applied along with liquid fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides or other foliar applications if the timing is right. No special equipment is needed and you don’t have to make an extra trip across the field.

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Proven Results with Multiple Crops

NUTRIPLANT AG has shown significant increases in crop yields at the IRF on sugar beets, pinto beans, potatoes, corn, alfalfa, and citrus. University results have also shown significant results on grapes, oilseeds, and oranges/ grapefruit.

Based on IRF data, the cost benefit ratio for Nutriplant AG ranges from 1:1 for low value crops to 37:1 for high value crops. One example is sugar beets with an average payback of about 33:1.

Usage Cost of Nutriplant AG - Foliar Feed cost varies from $7.39 to $14 per acre based on the specific crop with paybacks ranging from 1:1 to 37:1

Significant increases in crop yields at the IRF on
sugar beets, pinto beans, potatoes, corn, alfalfa, and citrus

Nutriplant AG ® Concentrate

Global rating: 5 out of 5

Harvest Greater Rewards

Nutriplant AG label-Ingredients


Nutriplant AG
2.5 gal.
Nutriplant AG
30 gal.
Nutriplant SD
25 lb.
Nutriplant SL
1.6 gal.

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